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Service Dog Tasha

Tasha, a service dog which was trained in a women’s prison, becomes the best friend of a disabled teenage girl named Stephanie. Tasha picks dropped items up from the ground for Stephanie, brings the telephone in case of an emergency, helps her changing her clothes, and always stays by her side. This picture book for children follows their life from morning to night in order to show how they work together. It also shows how Tasha and other service dogs have been trained by the Prison Pet Partnership Program.

Shogakukan INC, 1999 Yen1,300 (Japanese, Chinese and Korean)

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Gift of Life

This is a four-year photo documentary which follows the final years of Jenni: a young woman with HIV/AIDS. She was 29 years old when she died of AIDS, and her final years teach us that what really matters in our lives is not what we achieve, but how we live. Her husband Jimmy, who married her right after he learned of her illness and her beloved animals (a dog, a cat and a bird) also teach us about love and dedication.

Iwanami Shoten Publishers, 1997 Yen1,800 (Japanese)

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Harp Seal Pups I, II

This is the author’s only book of wildlife photography. It contains 64 pages of color photos of lovely baby seals that are shot in St. Laurence Bay, Canada.

NESCO/Bungeishunjuu Publishers, 1990, 1992 Yen1,200
(Japanese and Korean)
Co-authored with Rei Ohara

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