Let’s Play, Fendi

The main purposes of the work of a child life specialist are to act as an advocate for children in medical facilities, and to help them cope with the stress, pain and anxiety of treatment or hospitalization. This book describes the work of child life specialists through the story of the friendship between Fendi, a five-year old girl with left heart syndrome, and Erin, a child life specialist in Miami Children’s Hospital. The book takes the audience through the difficult journey that Fendi had to take — from her heart surgery through her recovery — and how she managed that journey with the help of Erin. While child life specialists are placed in more than 400 hospitals, clinics and hospices in the United States, only 13 child life specialists exist in Japan. I’m hoping that this book will make a small contribution toward introducing and promoting the concept of child life, which would greatly enhance the quality of life for children in medical settings.

Shogakukan INC, 2007 Yen 1,400 (Japanese)

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